Voodoo Healing Sex Rituals And Spell.

Voodoo Healing Sex Ritual And Spell – has been made special for those who want to look at love in the way it should be perceived. It is absurd for you not to get the proper relationship you have been seeking to get or find all the time. The voodoo healing sex ritual and spells is a practice that our fore ancestors used to bind love in their marriages and this has been evident in certain cultures on the shores of Africa, mostly where commitment to one another was a vital character that was a must to be exhibited.

a. Number voodoo love spell

There is power in numbers, right? There is probably more than you can ever imagine.  A simple combination of numbers can give you more than the good life you have always admired. It can give you love!

Exactly how must be the question you are asking right now.

Number voodoo love spells use the alphabet to calculate the fortunate number that can give you the person you want. When casting this voodoo love spell:

  1. you count the number of number of letters in his/her first and last names.
  2. you then write the combination of these numbers on all of your under garments. This is to ensure that you do not wear one without the lucky number on it.
  3. Attend a voodoo love spells casting ceremony. It is by so doing that you will be hypnotized to enable you pull the love energy in the other person for them to love you back the way you do.

The number voodoo love spells are powerful and work immediately. However, voodoo love spells casting ceremonies are rare in Africa. You can, however, contact me for a hypnotizing ceremony that will ensure that you arrive at the same results.

b. Anointing oil voodoo love spell

This voodoo love spell is more powerful than any other of its type.  The advantage about it is that it uses a readily available ingredient; cooking oil. The process of casting follows the following steps:


  1. Fill a cup with cooking oil.
  2. Take out one of your eyebrows and put it in the cooking oil.
  3. Trick your desired love partner to place his/her index finger into the cap filled with cooking oil for at least one minute. This voodoo love spell needs the active participation of the future relationship partner.
  4. Use his/her index finger to apply the oil on your lips.
  5. Kiss him/her passionately and ensure that your lips are completely engrossed into each others’.

After this powerful voodoo love spell, your desired partner will start looking at you as his/her life partner.  This spell is simple, but it demands your skill in cunning. It may also be hard to do if your partner is unwilling to participate. The advantage is that voodoo love spells use representational magic. Using my psychic power, I can make for you a doll that will represent your partner and work the same way as him/her.  If you are afraid of handling any part of it, be sure to contact me. Dr. Ezra, for a speedy and powerful voodoo love spell casting session with instant results.

c. Candlewax voodoo love spell

Just like the name suggests, this voodoo love spell utilizes the power of candles. If you have been following the love spells series, you may have noted that a significant majority of love spells use candles of various colours. The candle wax voodoo love spell is no exception.

To successfully perform this voodoo love spell, you need to religiously follow the following steps:

  1. Fold a paper into two or make a line at the center
  2. Write 4 instances (when you met with your desired future partner) on the top right corner of the second half.
  3. Write 5 instances on the top right corner of the first half. Light one red candle and drop 5 droplets of the candle wax on the words.  
  4. Light one purple candle and drop four drops of candle wax on the names. This voodoo love spell needs your commitment to the love spell. Dropping the hot candle wax on the names makes sure that the names stick without change of thought. Of importance to note is that purple and red are the representational colours of love and blood respectively when casting voodoo love spells.
  5. Fold the paper into to make sure that the instances meet in a way that they can be attached together. Tighten them together. Doing so makes sure that you and your desired person are bound by blood in love.

This voodoo love spell makes sure that you and your desired partner are always in love. It equates to a blood offering through the red candle.  It is important to note that voodoo love spells are powerful spells that work in ways that only a committed few can understand.

If you wish to cast this voodoo love spell, ensure that you are either well-informed about them or your family lineage has psychic powers. Lack of the two may have disastrous results.  If you are not well-endowed in either, I can assist you in casting this voodoo love spell. My ancestral blood, many years of practice, and spending a lot of time in the mountains enhancing my psychic prowess has enabled me to gain expertise in casting this and other voodoo love spells. I am always available to assist you get the love of your life without struggle.

d. Doll Voodoo love spells

As previously explained, voodoo love spells use representational magic. The doll voodoo love spells top the list of representational voodoo love spells. It is the most commonly used love spell amongst the Haitians, Beninians, Americans in New Orleans, and other parts of the world in which people utilize voodoo love spells. They are especially famous for their use in television series and movies.

The process of casting a doll voodoo love spell is simple. All you need is an item of clothing owned by the person that you desire. It can be an old shirt, blouse, or hair.  The procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Get a piece of old or new clothing owned by the person you love.
  2. Create doll that resembles a human being. Voodoo love spells best work if similar symbols are used in to seek the desired results.
  3. Cut pieces of the cloth and place each of the pieces exactly where the person wears them.
  4. Place the voodoo love spell doll on the side of the bed where your partner sleeps.

The doll voodoo love spell is advantageous above all the others because it enables you to control both love and sex. If you are a woman and need better satisfaction in bed, this voodoo love spell has the power to adjust your partner’s ability to satisfy you in bed. Isn’t that cool?

The best thing is that, when used for sexual purposes, the doll love spell can be used to manipulate your partner not to love any other girl or make love to them. It is advisable to have this voodoo love spell at all times since it eliminates any possibility of your partner cheating or getting a new partner out of the wedlock or relationship.  All you need to do is to know how to visualize the person through the doll and make love to them, even in their absentia.

e. Peacock voodoo love spell

Did you know that peacocks are among the most romantic birds? Well, that tells you much about the peacock voodoo love spell and why it is so effective in enhancing your love and sex lives.  

The peacock voodoo love spell is an effective charm that works by adding romance to your relationship. If you love good sex and a quality love life, the peacock voodoo love spell is the answer you have been seeking all along.  

The process of casting a voodoo love spell involves:

  1. Get a peacock feathers. Do you remember that voodoo love spells utilize representational magic? If you do, you are in the right path. Peacock feathers are representational items used for seduction and improving the romance and sex lives of people who are already partners.
  2. Mention the name of your partner to the feather at least 13 times in the next three days.
  3. On the fourth day, take a bath using a collection of more peacock feathers.
  4. Pick one feather and place it under your partner’s pillow. It is important to ensure that he/she does not find out about the feather, otherwise the spell will be ruined.  

This voodoo love spell works after a couple of nights. It is, however, important to ensure that the love spell works in the right way by maintaining the right attitude, making love yo your man or woman often, and being sure that your spirit is pure. If you are unsure of any of these, I advise you to contact me for a sure and instant voodoo love spell. After that, your life will improve naturally through true love.

But as the world has kept on evolving a lot of things have changed and the once enjoyable love we all wish to exchange for one another is no longer there just a dream to dream of, ie lost love hence a back look at how things were handled by our ancestors. You should not worry anymore but give yourself the time you need and see things changing for both of you as far as the relationship is concerned when you truly connect to the right person.

Everything is on the will moving. Get in touch with me now and today before things get nasty or uglier. You might lose him completely and you might not be very lucky to retrieve him to come back to you. So try me today and I will help you make a difference in your LOVE life that you can be proud of each other in the right way.

Use the Voodoo Healing Sex Ritual and Spell to make him get intimate with you.

He ignores you and he does not want to get close to you. This has driven him to be so far away from you and so he is not been touching you anymore. You miss him making love to you and so being intimate with you. All this while, you just wished it could only get better between the both of you. So do not let him/her be carried away by other women/men.

You cant still hold him/her tight to you and the one you have been seeking all along. Use the opportunity I am giving you here and all will be well for the both of you as you wish. Just know what you should do and how you should be doing it. Use this opportunity, you need to try it out and use this.

Voodoo healing sex ritual and spell have solved many marriages that have been at an average of breaking. When I bring it this way hope you get me because as of the coldness that emerges in relationships as they grow older hence a need for a push forward of the relationship to again shine as before. Voodoo healing sex ritual and spell is for you who truly swore and committed to someone and you still have the care for your partner.

Let me tell you to try the voodoo healing sex ritual and spell today its a guarantee, the plays which used to happen in the first, the outings, the dates, the surprises all the last memories you have about, the things that he used to do, she used to do that made you think of him or her the whole day, no doubt will come back again. Don’t hesitate to contact us today we are here to help you achieve that dream.