Powerful gay love spells

Powerful gay love spells. Are you in need of powerful gay spells or lesbians spells, Gay attraction love spells that really work,  powerful attraction spells without ingredients, and gay attraction spells and potions? Are you are having trouble or hard times finding the right guy to spend your life with.

My powerful gay love spells along with my attraction spells that work fast will send or enable you to get the right man. For any sexual encounter or same-sex relationships, you really need them in your life. My powerful gay love spells will attract a guy who is compatible, caring, loving, physically and sexually attractive, and a man that you will be interested in for entity.

Use my powerful gay love spells & Lesbian love spells to heal any kind of relationship problems you are in, either a gay or lesbian relationship. Find a gay lover or a lesbian lover, bring back an ex-gay lover, or make someone get committed to a relationship using my powerful gay love spells


Are you a lesbian and your crush on a certain girl or gay and you’re in love with a certain man, come for my powerful gal loves spells and make this girl or man fall for you.

Do you have someone in mind that you’d like to attract or are you seeking an offer of romance? If you tired of being alone? Are you seeking to attract multiple partners? Are you on a dating site with little or no hits?


A picture of you and others you have in mind would be great, but not necessary. Your first name and DOB are required (for energy purposes) as well as others you have in mind, their first names, and DOB (if possible).

ingredients for this spell

  • Black pen or marker
    2 amulets
    3 red candles
    white rose petals (fresh or dried)
    Red ribbon

how to cast this spell.

  1. Place the red candle and the dish on your altar. Light the candles and start breathing slowly.
    Then start Writing down your full name and the man’s name you want to attract across the red ribbon using a pen or marker.
  2. Use the red ribbon to tie the two(2) amulets together close to each other.
  3. Put the tied amulets on the dish, near to the candles.
  4. Place 7 red rose petals around the candles.
  5. With your hands above the red candle flame. Start chanting the prayer which is given to you by the spell caster
  6. Leave the candles to burn completely. Don’t leave the ritual room when the candle is still burning.
  7. Once the red candles are out, you can cut the red ribbon. Throw it and all other remains away.
  8. Keep one amulet safely with you and the other to the other one to the person you want to attract. Clean the dish and put it away.
  9. You can Use this powerful gay love spell to bring an ex-boyfriend back, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend, or ex-wife, attract a new lover, repair the broken relationship, clear away obstacles in your relationship.
  10. Use gay love spells & Lesbian love spells to heal relationship problems in you are in a gay or lesbian relationship. Find a gay love, bring back an ex-gay lover, or make someone commit to a relationship using gay love spells

why use powerful gay love spells

Amulets are the major symbol of devotion, fidelity, and internal love. That’s why we use amulets as an item for attracting a person for a relationship. To know the power of these items, get two amulets (which were not worn by you or the person your attracting. They may be of any type or any kind of amulets).


Like any love spell, there is no side effect when you use a white magic spell on your target and if your intention is not to harm that person and if you are only doing it for love purpose only.

On the other hand, if you are using a black magic spell. Yes, there is a consequence for this and it is always important to notify the spell caster before you could order this type of spell so that you can be protected.


Love, attraction, and affection have many faces, many times you may be attracted to a person who may not be gay (may not realize they are gay actually) while you, in fact, are Gay or Lesbian. Hopefully, you know you are happy and comfortable with who you are. Sadly, many people are afraid to be who they are because of society and man-made religion created out of fear and ignorance.


As said above, if this spell is cast and the energy manifests. It affects the mind and the perception of the mind. Love is Love and this Spell Casting will drop the wall that most people have up that stops them from being who they are or want to be. Open that special person up to new and exciting ways of love and happiness with this Gay Love Spells Energies.

This Love Spell will take away that fear and stereotype in their mind society has placed there. It’s a very effective and powerful love spell. If you want a certain person to see things the way you do and want you in the process, this spell can open them up to just that or open them up to who they REALLY ARE!

This Gay Love Spell has also been used for people on themselves to see if they are truly gay. Sometimes people do not know and this spell can open your eyes to see very clearly! This Spell Casting does not force anyone to do anything against their will but it is amazing how many times this casting change lives for you.


Gay and lesbian spells are no different. It is only that the spells for these people are more designed to fit into their demands. This spell has been in existence too. For so many centuries and it had been used by our forefathers for years and years.

The spell could be used in a variety of ways attracting someone you admire. Bringing back your lover if he has left you but feel like you still want in your life. It also if cast by a spell caster beautifies your inner beauty.