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Has Your Partner Left You? Recall Them Using These Effective Lost Love Spells.



Recall Your Partner Back By These African Voodoo Love Spells.

Authentic Recall Lost Love Spells.

Authentic Recall Lost Love Spells – For different reasons, people get separated from their loved ones. Although it seems normal in the broken world we live in, the person on the losing end is the one who receives the smack. Love is the sweetest in the world and, equally, heartbreak is the bitter most thing human beings are forced to endure.  The relief, however, is that a lost lover can be regained, unless they are dead.  If you are experiencing the pain of losing your lover, lost love spells can deliver him/her back.  

Lost love spells are of several types. They all work differently and are applied according to the situation at hand.  Today, we explore the different choices that the universe offers to assist all human beings according to their struggles. Here is a detailed account of each one of them: 

Candle Lost Love Spell.Recall Your Partner Back By These African Voodoo Love Spells.

The candle lost love spell( Authentic Recall Lost Love Spells)is highly ranked amongst the most effective love magic spells. It is also used widely around the world due to the ability to fast manifest and bring back the lost lover.  Better still, this spell has the ability to bring back a lost lover from the farthest corners of the world.  

As earlier explained, lost love spells work best if applied correctly according to the situation at hand. The candle lost love spell applies to common situations, such as the break-up of potential or active marriage partners and in cases of husband/wife snatching amongst others. Would you let someone snatch away the love of your life and go scot-free? I guess not. If you need your lover back as soon as possible, the candle lost love spell is the best for the work.  

Get to know that the candle lost love spell(African Voodoo Love Spells) is dubbed so because it majors on enhancing the power of candles in the journey of love. Have you ever surprised the husband/ wife you lost with some flowers and romantically arranged candles? If yes, the reward for your love is just about to be delivered.  If not, it is your chance to utilize them for the sake of your love.  

Authentic Recall Lost Love Spells

So this is the point, the candle lost love spell utilizes a few other ingredients and a specific chant according to the situation at hand. The basic ingredients include white paper, white and red candles, your lost lover’s photo, a red string, a red pen, and a black napkin.  


  • Collect the above ingredients and await the advent of a night when there is a full moon. 
  • Write your lost wife’s/ husband’s name on the white paper. 
  • Place the lit candles on the paper, but ensure that they are on opposite edges.  
  • Burn small spots of the paper using the red candle on both the upper and lower sides.  
  • Wrap your lost lover’s image in the napkin and tie the package using the thread.   
  • Hold the package on top of the burning candles without burning it.  
  • At the same time, you should be focusing your mind on your lost lover at you chant the words that are appropriate for the corresponding season that you will be casting the spell.  It is advisable to do the spell soonest possible before your partner and use the appropriate words to chant. Failure to do so may lead to delayed and ineffective results.  

The candle lost love spell will show its effectiveness when your partner returns home, calls you, or seeks someone else to ask you to help them get you back into his/her life. It is, however, a sensitive activity that demands focus on at least three things simultaneously, that is, physical action, chanting, and visualizing your partner. It also demands you to follow each of the steps without failure. Failing to do so may lead to failure. Like all other spells, however, you have the recommended option of leaving the job to an expert. It means forfeiting all things and only awaiting the results. If you feel that it is time to call back your lost lover, then it is time to contact me, Dr. Ezra. Your lover will return to you in under 24 hours. 

Coin lost love spell. (African Voodoo Love Spell)

Did you know that a coin can save your relationship? No matter how long lost your partner has been gone, the coin lost love spell is the perfect choice for recalling them back. This characteristic is the advantage that the coin lost love spell has above the candle lost love spell. Do you still love your ex? Has he/ she been gone for a while now? Do you regret losing the person you think was the best match for you?  

It is not over till it’s over. The coin lost love spell is the perfect solution for your problem. Suffer no more. Pain and agony are not your portions.  

The coin lost love spell is named so due to the use of a coin. The only hiccup about the coin lost love spell is that it demands the use of a coin that you found on the streets. It must not be one that you are willingly sacrificing. A coin collected from the streets represents the lost husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend that you so much seek to have back. Magic is all about representation, failure to which it will not work.  

Authentic Recall Lost Love Spells

You can perform the coin lost love spell by yourself if you have the right ingredients, the positive energy needed, and enough faith in the spell. A ‘do it yourself’ spell is awesome and simple magic. If you are confident enough in yourself, you have the perfect opportunity to make it work in your favor.  


The procedure of performing the coin lost love spell only needs prior experience in casting spells. It is classified amongst the mid-level magic spells. If you are confident in your ability to solve the struggle for the lost lover by yourself, follow the following steps religiously: 

  • Search and safely store a red ribbon, an envelope of dried rosemary, a lost but found coin. You can actively engage in the search for a coin on the streets if you do not have one. You should, however, be careful not to lose too much energy in the hunt. You need uncorrupted energy when casting the coin lost love spell.   
  • Flip the envelope inside out and write the name of your ex-lover. You should be careful not to tear it as you flip inside out and back to its normal state.   
  • Place the rosemary and coin between your palms and vigorously rub them together.  At the same time, your mind should be focusing on your ex-lover and the moments that you had together.  
  • Continue rubbing the two together as you turn 90for 4 times. Each time you turn, you should chant the words needed to recall back your lost lover. Like in most other magic spells, the coin lost love spell uses words that are not necessarily in English or any other natural language. The deities who make it happen have a special language that changes with change in seasons, moon phases, and the orientation of the universe in its entirety. You should, therefore, seek the assistance of an experienced and well-known psychic reader or spell caster who has the power needed to know the language of the gods and goddesses who watch over the universe. I, Dr. Ezra, possess all these characteristics. Be sure to contact me for the chanting words and better guidance. 
  •  The four rotations will cast the spell North, South, East, and West. After completing the rotation, you should then place the coin in the envelope, seal it, and kiss it. These actions represent sending a letter to all directions in search of your loved one.  
  • Place the letter in a secret place.  
  • Throw the grounded rosemary in the air and thank the gods and goddesses of love for bringing back your lover. Your lover will come back within a short period, no matter where they are.   

The candle and coin lost love spells(Authentic Recall Lost Love Spells) are the most powerful spells. There are, however, other lost love spells that are more specific to the task at hand, such as using a rose as the symbol of love between unmarried people. The best thing to do is to seek professional advice on the kind of lost love spell that you need for your situation. I, Dr. Ezra, will ensure that you get the assistance you need in determining the spell you need. I can also cast the spell for you to ensure fast and perfect results. If you are itching to get your ex-lover back, contact me and the results will show the effectiveness of my work.  

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Effective voodoo love spells.




Effective voodoo love spells.

Effective voodoo love spells. First of all Voodoo magic is known to be the traditional use of supernatural magic for either evil use or selfish purposes. Effective voodoo love spells are magically known by many names by different people, some call it Vudu, vodou, vundun, vodoun, voodoo and so many other names.

These effective Voodoo love spells are used to solve and end the worries of people that they are facing in their daily life, Effective voodoo love spells magic is done in a way someone  connects it with the elements of nature which are the earth, fire, water, air in order for its great results,


Its origin is said to have come from western  Africans that were enslaved by the French. where most of the people used to cast spells to get riches, power, win wars, due to its great results it made many people practice it in order to solve all their problems.

The people who used to perform rituals in those days were not chosen by people, basically, they were chosen by the Gods themselves and at times it was through heritage just like in power heritage.

It is one of the black magic practices that exist in the world. In the back ages, it involved sacrificing animals during the ritual time, but as time changed people stopped sacrificing animals and they introduced other items such as dolls, amulets, and so many other materials.

Nowadays people especially use dolls to cast spells than other materials

Voodoo magic is divided into many spells that can be cast, these magical spells are cast according to certain problems a person has and such spells are.

Effective voodoo love spells.

Effective voodoo love spells to get back lost lover, effective voodoo love spells to get rich, effective voodoo love spells to restore broken relationships, voodoo love spells for protection, effective voodoo love spells for bails, effective voodoo love spells to get out of prison, effective voodoo love spells to bring back ex-lover in 24 hours and many others.

My effective voodoo love spells are designed to arouse deep and strong feelings of love for you in your lover’s heart, so that they get back into the relationship and settle with you. Is there someone else involved in your relationship?

Don’t allow any person to interfere with your relationship and cause you sadness.  What you have to do is to uproot that person from your relationship using these powerful love spells.

Once you do that, you will have a long lasting relationship filled with the happiness that you have always dreamed of.

Effective voodoo love spells to bring back ex-lover in 24 hours.

Are you struggling to accept the fact that your lover left you?, it is normal to have love and affection for a person, don’t try to forget them as powerful voodoo spells to bring back ex-lover will return your lover effectively and permanently.It is time bring back your lost lover,

improve your love life and let peace reign in your relationship by casting our powerful love spells to heal a broken relationship.

The effective voodoo love spells to bring back an ex-lover will not only give you results to get your lover back but it will ensure true love comes back fast into you and your ex-lover within 24 hour time. EFFECTIVE VOODOO LOVE SPELLS.

Effective voodoo love spells to get rich.

Many people in our daily lives tend to face a lot of difficulties when wanting to be rich, they try to work hard so that they get money but all their hard work turns with no great results at all.

After all their failure they get, they try to seek great power from great people and this power is called magic power.

This spell is cast by a psychic to a person that wants to get rich or gain a lot of wealth, this spell is simple in a way that few materials are needed during casting.

Effective voodoo love spells.

Do you have a person that doesn’t want you, oh you crush on someone that doesn’t even have feelings for in return. Have done everything so that he /she can like you but all have refused. Then stop worrying and get my effective voodoo love spells for free? .

Voodoo love spells can solve a number of problems such as getting marriage proposals, divorce, and many others, stopping your man from cheating.

Contact me on my number to get these love spells for free.

Love spells to restore broken relationships.

Is your relationship falling apart, is it breaking up without knowing the cause. Have you break up with your partner and wish him/her to come back to you live. Does your partner wish to end the relationship but you don’t want to end it,.

Are willing to do anything for your relationship. Then stop worrying on how to restore your relationship just contact me and I will cast this spell and within a short period of time, your relationship will be restored.

broken hearts

Effective voodoo love spells for marriage proposals.

Finding true is one of the best things that can happen to someone in this life. So if you find it then you’re blessed. But the most challenging is trying to move to the next level of commitment. Which involves proposing to the one you love.

We’ll propose to someone you love is like you trying to repair or to give birth to the new love in your life.

For the purposes, if your partner at times doesn’t seem to be committed to your willingness of life.  Or to move onto the next level of your relationship.

Is your fiance delaying to propose to you or he is afraid. To take your relationship to the next level and for your wish too.

Stop worrying about such issues and you cast him a marriage proposal spell. That will influence him to propose to you within a short time.

Do you wish for your man to propose to you but for him doesn’t want. Then you need to cast a spell called the marriage proposal spell.

True effective voodoo love spells.

You are a person who needs to be love and get loved by other people. You don’t usually ask for much out of life as you always have some simple needs.

But at times you always must have a special person in your life who appreciates your warmth, your inner beauty, and your essence. Your ultimate dream is to always have a loving, caring partner.

You don’t always want to be alone in this life.

And you have a time and recognize that the world is a busy place where everyone is running around satisfying his/her own needs and willing. You are a survivor and you are committed to spending the rest of your life with the one you love.

Unexpectedly, you are super sensitive although most people don’t usually see the other side of you. understanding people well; always knowing what they’re thinking and what they think of you.

But because you are a very loyal person and a good person. You expect your friends and loved ones to act. In this case, you are certainly in need.

And, I know you have always been disappointed many times when you feel you have been let down. You are a good person and a giving person, but you are not a fool.

You are disappointed that you are not currently in a wonderful, fulfilling relationship. I think this is time to change that in your life.

True love spell is a spell that will help you to overcome all this frustration in your life.

It will bind you with your partner together and makes your relationship become stronger.  Than it was hence making it true for all your lifetime.

Effective voodoo love spells to get out of prison.

Is your man in prison and wishes to get him out of prison. Then contact me for prison spells which will help you get your man out of prison.

Have you tried getting your friend out of prison but all the ways are not working. Then you need to try out my prison which will help you to get your friend out of prison?

Do you want prison bail for your friend from the court but the court seems to give you the bail. Then I have a prison spell to help you with this problem.

Do you want to put or send your enemies in the prison but you don’t know how to do it. Then worry no more for such problems. I have a prison spell which help you to put all you enemies in prison for the rest of their lives

Love spells to bind you with someone for entity.

Effective voodoo love spells for binding are one time spells. That will bind you with your partner for the rest of your lives. This spell will increase the affection and the emotional bond that you have with your partner for the entity.

Is your love seem not to be increasing, the feels that he/she has with you. Then you need to come for my  love spells to bind with your partner,

Do you have someone you crush on but he /she seems not to love you. Then worry no more about this contact me for my bind spell.

This spell will help you and bind you together with your crush. Voodoo spells for USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, Asia, South America

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Cleansing Rituals And Baths.




Cleansing  rituals and baths

Cleansing  Rituals And Baths. As you go about your day, you come into contact with many people who all have different vibrations, negative and positive energies.

You may sometimes realize it or not, you pick up small and big bits and also pieces of these people’s energies. That’s where we bring up rituals and cleansing baths [spells]!.

It’s Sometimes lovely, uplifting, and recharging. Other times it can be draining, irritating, and sometimes depression.

This is especially true for empathy, as they are more sensitive to the energies of this people, but even non-empaths will pick up on the energies of those they meet.

It’s not just humans, but also. Objects, animals, and places can hold energies towards you, distributing them around like pollen in the wind!



Cleansing rituals are the simplest way to eliminate negative energy that were once left with you by your ex lovers or you got when you go through the day, but often we under mind the feeling of the weight of the old arguments of your ex-love or the negative that surrounds us through the day.


How to cast

They can be as basic as smudging, most commonly with sage but can be done with a variety of herbs for specific intents. Salvia Shasta, for example, is used to remove illness and to guide on spiritual journeys.

The first thing you do before moving into a new home is to cleans every room to ensure you aren’t being surrounded by someone else’s negative baggage and the negativity of your ex-love.

To do this, move clockwise around each room 3 times, wafting the smoking remote stick high in the air in front of you.



Cleansing rituals are also useful for clearing your mind and spirits, before doing a cleanse ritual , or just to clear out the psychic cobwebs that are blocking you from visualizing intentions and reaching your goals.

There are a variety of ways that you can execute a cleansing ritual or spell.

Most magic practitioners cleanse their own spirit daily, before performing or carrying any spell casting and before using any objects or tools for their castings.

In case you’re a beginner in spell casting, it’s a great idea to get into cleansing. I personally always perform a cleansing ritual before I spell cast, as I find that it removes any chance of ‘cross-contamination’ of energies between me and the person I am spell casting.



Just like most things are in this world, every person has their own preferred methods for doing cleansing rituals and baths. You can find a lot of different methods can be done during cleansing.

Many people always literally use baths using salt and also essential oils. Some also prefer to use candles, gemstones, and crystals.

Some people always want to create their own tools for cleansing, such as magical symbols used in spell casting and carrying out rituals, and others choose to say a simple chant during meditation to release these negative energies.

In This article am going to show you the procedures that you should follow when performing the candle cleansing rituals,Here are some of my three favorite cleansing rituals or spells that are so easy for anyone to do, even complete beginners “baby witch”! remember that these rituals can  used when spell casting you ex-lovers

1.Simple Candle Cleansing  rituals and baths

This is one of the cleansing rituals that I often do for my clients on Sundays, who have had a rough week and just need to feel refreshed and be released from all of that negative energy that has increased, so that they can enjoy their time off work over the weekend.

Here are some of the procedures you should follow when you want to do it for yourself!


Light a white candle with a cleansing scent such as fresh linen (think laundry!).

Take three deep cleansing breaths (5 seconds of inhaling, 5 seconds of holding your breath, and then 5 seconds of exhaling).

Using your hands, “gather up” the negative energy within yourself, negative thoughts and feelings, and as you “push” them into the flame, blow it out.

Take three cleansing breaths, and you’re done! the candle spell can often used in all spells such ex-love spells and others

cleeansing rituals and baths

2.Crystal Cleansing rituals

This method requires the use of a crystal, but can easily found in costume jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets.


Using any size or color of crystal, hold it in your hands and ‘charge it’ with your own positive energy.

Rub the crystal on your forehead, chin, chest, tummy, knees, and all the way down to your toes. Follow the center line of your body.

As you do this, imagine that you are collecting all the negative energy into the crystal-like magnet.

When your done , set the stone outside OR under the moonlight to ‘recharge’ it for the next use. The negative energy collected will dissipate naturally within 10 minutes from the crystal.

If you do a lot of castings or readings from other people, you can use multiple crystal stones to cleanse yourself between rituals or readings.

No matter what method you choose for your own cleansing rituals, you should leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to get a good night’s sleep, beginning your own castings for yourself or others.

You can also use these crystal rituals to you love relationship, this can be done when someone is giving a gift to his/her ex-love when spell casting. It also binds you with your lover for an entity, this kind of ritual used when casting a binding spell.


For the bath cleansing, you have to be directed by a professional cleansing spell caster because in case of any mistake it may not work for you properly, and also I will tell you the procedures of cleansing bath in the next article, for this article I was so much conquered about cleansing rituals and how it is done, only which is often needed by any person who are casting spells to their loved ones.

As we the professional spell casters, We have organised a cleansing kit and together we have put up a collection of the essentials tools for cleansing that you will need when cleansing your home from negative energy.


Available here, are some of the collection of items which will provide a range of ways to cleanse with smoke. Not all of these essential tools can needed but it depends on what your attraction of selection towards archiving your cleansing goal.

A portable cauldron can used to perform a smoking ritual in each room of your house.
sustainable Palo Santo wood, which has powerful cleansing properties which at times  used to bring back your loved ones who had gone away from you.
a piece of pink quartz, considered a powerful healing stone also used to strengthen your loved one’s feelings.
Epson salts
Lemon oil
Ground black pepper (banishes negative energy)
copal resin
Sacred lotus (enhances psychic enlightenment)
White sage

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