Blessing chant Spells – The sad truth that life is extremely tough without blessings.  And the harsh truth is that 99.99% of the poor experience more misfortunes than luck- facing a jail term for not being blessed, appearing as the least intelligent person.

Being assigned the most derogatory tasks…name it. Harsh, but true. Today, we take a calm but greatly impactful adventure to explore the various options that you have to eliminate this disgusting nature from your life and welcome a new dawn of good luck, prosperity, blessing, and seasoned happiness.  Blessing chant Spells

The Universe

A lesson from the old Chinese philosophy of dualism, Yin and Yang, is that human life exists in two; the haves and have nots, the lucky and the unfortunate, the blessed and the unblessed, the willing and unwilling. The main difference between the two aspects is the choice that one makes.

A rare but emancipating fact is that the universe presents us all with equal opportunities to make it in life. You too can be successful, rich, influential, and lucky- if you choose to be so. Your current life is the result of your lesson yesterday, and so will your tomorrow be.

According to Forbes, poverty is one of the results of being unlucky, unblessed and it is 50% the result of the surrounding circumstances, and 50% accepting that you cannot change the circumstances. You can either change it or accept your ‘fate’ amongst the unblessed. The universe is kind enough to let you choose without being pressurized.

The Formula to have a blessed, Prosperity, and Good Luck life

Some believe that suffering is a necessary part of life and that they are destined to suffer. Others believe that they deserve better in life. This formula to a successful life is for the latter group- the ones who are tired of being spectators as others make it in life, the people who are tired of depression, unstable financial crisis, every time there is an issue, and those who are willing to scale up their lives to better standards.
The formula to a good life consists of five spells that are guaranteed to change your life within less time than you can guess. They include:

Blessing chant Spells.

First of all chanting, is a prayer that is used by sorcery and contains great powers of ancestors, sometimes people say it’s atypically an incantation and it’s taking part in ritual time, chants are like catalysts they help the sorcerer to spend up the ritual of the spell. blessing spells are more of chanting that’s why we basically have to know how it’s done and said, for the learners, you have to know how to chant when it comes to spelling casting. its also used in most of the spells in the world such as love spells, magical blessing spells with no ingredients, and many more spells. Blessing chant Spells



Chants are used in blessing spells because, they are simple compared to other ways of casting, to know how chanting is done look back in one of my articles on my website. You will get to know how to chant, In case if you want to get blessings. Do you some finical instabilities, Do you wish to get money or get riches or get blessed in each and everything you do, then you need to get my blessing spells with chants, these blessing spells are so great in a way that they produce good results within a short period of time and few things are needed for its ritual.?

Another thing is that chants for blessings are divided into two magical spells, we have the black magic chants and white magic chants. Black magic blessing chants are chants that are done with magical materials with chants at the same time during casting such spells are voodoo spells, love spells, and many others while white magic chants are chants that are done without any materials used. The main difference between these black magic bless chants and white magic blesses chants is that one can cast it in any place of his/her Choice except in a crowded place while for black magic Wealth chants someone needs to be in the temple in order for it to work.

Prosperity chant Spells

Prosperity is hard to come by… Hard, but not impossible. Of importance to note is that there is nothing impossible on earth. The conventional road that many try to achieve prosperity is a difficult one. It is full of sweat, tears, and probably worse. Yet only 2% of people achieve prosperity. It means that the chances of prosperity are slim, and most people will never reach there.

The good thing is that the universe has offered us a chance to cut short the turmoil and get straight to an assured end. I, Dr. Ezra, am experienced in casting prosperity spells that can guarantee a happy ending immediately after casting. Blessing chant Spells

A prosperity spell is part of powerful magic {Blessing chant spells} that have been proven to work for all those who have faith in the universe. The best thing about the prosperity spells is that they are free of any side effects since they are cast with the intention of gaining as opposed to harming someone else. It is magic with pure intention. The universe rewards you three times over with greater prosperity than you can ever imagine. All you need is to know your exact definition of prosperity. People think of different things when they talk about prosperity. You also need to perfume yourself with a lot of faith to gain it and have a blessed life. Blessing chant Spells

Just like blessed spells, there is a selection of powerful and guaranteed prosperity spells for 2021. I, Dr. Ezra, am willing and ready to cast for you the following prosperity spells:

Wiccan prosperity chant spell- Wiccan magic is known around the world for its power. Since the ancient days, people have been using Wiccan magic to prosper and conquer the world. This type of magic has been seasoned over the years and is now more powerful than ever before. If you would like to prosper within a short time, the Wiccan prosperity spell is the best you can get.
Bone magic prosperity chant spell- Owning animals is considered a symbol of prosperity. For this reason, an animal’s bone is the universe’s correspondent of prosperity and blessings. Blessing chant Spells

Candle Prosperity chant spell- Candle magic is powerful due to its connection to the 4th Chakra (the heart). Casting a candle prosperity spell is a sure way of receiving your heart’s desire. What better way is there of being prosperous than directly asking the heart about its desires?

If you need any of these 3 prosperity chant spells, it is about time you take the simple step of contacting me, Dr. Ezra.

Voodoo Attraction Love Spells.


Good Luck chant Spells

Some days are good, and others are like taking a trip to hell. The worst thing is if the bad days follow each other or the same continue all your life. It simply feels like one is already in hell.

Some people already believe they are in hell! But do not reach that stage. There is still a chance that you can revive the blessing and good luck you have always wished for every day of your life.

Good luck chant spells are meant to attract good luck and have blessings in everything you do. Imagine how it would feel to be at the top of the company if you are working in a company, the most respected boss if you are a worker, or the businessman who most people prefer to buy from? Life would be on another level. Right?

Are you having instabilities in your financial world, do have debts that are on your neck, Are everything your doing seems not to be working out well, Are you tired of being unemployed and you need a job. worry no more about these problems, feel free to contact me and i will be honored to end this bad soul that is in your life when i cast my blessing spells.

Different blessing chants spells for prosperity and good luck.

They are different spells that can be used to cast prosperity and good luck spells. different spells can be used forth during casting rituals, through using these spells it depends on what your intention is, and do you need in life.

Candle spells-

These are available in different colors that match different correspondences in the universe. The advantage of candle spells is that they can be performed at any time. The universe is always ready to see your faith and reward you accordingly.

Return spell-

Have you been conned, lent a friend some money and they overstayed with it or did someone take your luck away from you, been robbed.? The powerful return spell is the ultimate way to regain your luck and prosperity- THE FULL AMOUNT! Do not let others enjoy your hard-earned luck while you are suffering with bad luck that was put on you.

Promotion Spell-

Being pulled downwards by the weird gravitational force is common, but rising upwards demands sweat and tears. Similarly, demotions are often more imminent and incident than promotions are. If you are itching for a promotion in your current job or a better one, it is time you took the first step towards getting a better luck spell so that even your salary increases.

I, Dr. Ezra, am presenting you with the chance to attract good luck {Blessing chants spells} all your life. You have the perfect chance of always being the lucky one, standing out in the crowd. Do not live a miserable and unlucky life in 2021. Unleash the potential in you using a lessing chant spells for prosperity and good luck. If you need to feel and be like the lucky, blessed and prospering person you always admire, do not hesitate to contact me, Dr. Ezra for speedy and guaranteed blessings in your life.