Breaking the Invisible Ties: (Binding and Unbinding Lost Love Spells)

Binding and Unbinding Lost Love Spells, ever thought of fixing your future or enhancing your relationship? Or does someone have a grudge and is using witchcraft against you?

The words you have been looking for are binding and unbinding spells. If you have heard of match-fixing in games and sports, you are already familiar with the two concepts.

History of Binding and Unbinding Spells

Binding and Unbinding Lost Love spells are part of ancient magic that archaeologists have discovered to be one of the most widely used art of magic. People in Egypt, Greek, and Rome amongst other famous ancient kingdoms and empires revered binding and unbinding spells. The magic came in handy whenever they needed to solve their issues with the help of their ancestors.

Today, witches and wizards around the world celebrate these ancient discoveries for the amazing assistance that they have offered to the human race. The use of binding and unbinding spells in ancient eras is proof that they have been effectively working to solve different people’s problems.  Better still, modern witches and wizards have upgraded the binding and unbinding spells to cater for modern problems.

Modern binding and unbinding spells are updated enough to solve your issues almost instantly and with utmost effectiveness. Years of experience in modern witchcraft have taught me that some of the most common problems amongst the modern folk include:

  1. Lack of happiness in marriage
  2. The need for a new partner
  3. Financial crisis
  4. The urge for revenge after unfair treatment
  5. The need to win a bet
  6. The need to know the future

If you have one of these or other challenges and would like to receive some assistance, this post will inform you about Binding and Unbinding Lost Love Spells, and how you can use them to get back to a normal life.

Binding Love Spells

As previously mentioned, binding spells have the power to fix the outcome of the activity that you are doing. They utilize the power of the universe to completely eliminate the problems that person wishes to solve.

Binding spells are usually in the form of writings.  The troubled person writes their problem down, usually in an item of fashion, such as a bracelet. The problem/ desire that the carrier wishes to solve eventually comes to pass after carrying the binding spell for some time.

A demonstration of this effectiveness is when if you need happiness in your relationship, especially in marriage. You are required to contact a professional witch to cast the binding spell for you. (It is important to note that casting spells can be dangerous if you are not a professional spell caster). The expert would then inscribe your issue on an ornament of your choice. You will then be required to wear it the normal way you do. After a few days, the binding spell will manifest through a better relationship with your lover, both in sexual and non-sexual matters.

This demonstration is just a part of many good things that binding spells can do. Binding spells are effective in other areas too. It is also important to note that each person’s issue is unique. For this reason, seeking professional advice is recommended. It is the only way you can be sure that you are solving the issue itself and not other things.

If you need such a spell for increased happiness, feel free to contact me, Dr. Ezra, for speedy results that are free of any negative side effects. My skill in casting binding spells is tested and proven by many other people.

Unbinding Love Spells

As opposed to binding spells, unbinding spells are specifically casted to cut the tie between a person and an unwelcome situation. The ‘situation’ may have been as a result of your deliberate action of casting a binding spell to serve a certain purpose, or as an enemy’s activity. In both cases, an unbinding spell is good enough to serve your request.

Emancipating oneself is a process, just like it is in binding. Some unbinding spells take time to manifest, while others take effect immediately. Of importance is to practice patience and level up your faith in both the unbinding spell and the expert who performs the spellcasting ritual for you. It is the sure way of moving what you may be considering to be immobile mountains.

Tools of the Job

Unbinding spells are usually in the form of a curse dolls. The effigy is a representation of the thing that the person who bewitched you had used. It counters the binding spell used to put you in the unwanted situation. It is the equivalent of fighting fire with fire.

Curse dolls were the major identifying factor of ancient unbinding spells. Archaeological evidence shows that they the dolls were characterized by bodily mutilations that signify a struggle between the magic used to cast the binding spell and the one used when casting the unbinding spell.

Alternatives of the curse dolls were, however, permissible in some ancient cultures. Amongst the common ones used in casting the unbinding spells is a curse tablets made of candle wax. The malleable nature of the candle wax made inscription easy. It is on the tablets that people wrote their wishes and asked the universe to help their way out.

Modern unbinding spells are no different. The magic used in casting the unbinding spell also uses similar tools to make the unbinding spell effective enough to eliminate the magic used before. The advantage is that the curse dolls do no harm to the person, although the mutilations remain on the dolls.

Process of Unbinding

The process of unbinding takes place in three days. It involves the following steps:

Day 1: Taking a leap of faith and a cleansing bath

The first day is considered as the most important of all three cleansing days. The most important thing about the first day is believing in the possibility of change of situation and approaching an experienced witch for assistance on the same. Faith is an important ingredient of the process. For this reason, you are required to contact the witch you feel can best fulfil your requests. I, Dr. Ezra, am an experienced teacher in casting unbinding spells. I am willing and ready to guide you through this process for the best results. After contacting me, we shall undertake the following steps:

On the first day, a herbal bath will be the first agenda. I will use a special combination of herbal ingredients for use in taking a bath wash. You will have the freedom to take the bath at your chosen location for about the standard bath period of 5 minutes. It is after this period that you will remove the herbs infused in the bath water. Together, we shall then slightly heat the water and use it in other subsequent processes. It shall have served the first purpose of cleansing away all the evils spirits that might have been cast against you during the binding spell.

Day 2 of the unbinding spell: Performing a candle ritual

On the second day of the unbinding spell, we shall use special candles to forge a curse tablet. As previously explained, a curse tablet made of candle wax allows you to inscribe words on it. During the ritual, I will allow you to write your problem/ issue from which you wish to break the bond. The candle wax used will, however, be special in that it will contain other special ingredients that are applicable for the specific spell that you wish to unbind. The candle wax will also be anointed to ensure that you are well protected from any external forces that might interfere with the process or leave negative effects after casting the unbinding spell.

Day 3: House cleansing

The final but equally important step is to cleanse the house. It involves a series of steps that seek to get rid of the powers of the binding spell from your environment of living. It is especially important if the binding spell was cast by a malicious person who ensured that they secured all the areas that you regularly come into contact with.

In this final step, we shall burn incense in every corner of your residence while chanting some special words.  We shall then spray vinegar as a sign of total redemption from all the things that hold your life hostage. Doing so will ensure that you and your house are not only clean, but protected from any attempts by your enemy to reinforce a binding spell.

The unbinding spell is more demanding than a binding spell. However, all you need to do is to keep your eyes fixed on the prize of performing it.

Parting shot

Both Binding and Unbinding Lost Love spells are regularly used by both friends and foes. It is important to keep evaluating whether your life is under a spell or you need one. It is the only way that you will live a happy life that is free of stress and characterized by happiness and fulfilment. Do not live a boring or depressing life. I am always available to listen to you, offer professional ad vise, and perform the right binding or unbinding spells.