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Barren? You Can Make A Baby Today Using These Pregnancy Spells.



Pregnancy Spells For You To Stop Barrenness.

Pregnancy Spells For You To Stop Barrenness Today.

Pregnancy Spells For You To Stop Barrenness Today – If you are asking Why can’t I conceive like other women?, you are asking the wrong question. It is probably the major reason why you are still agonizing in the pain of barrenness.  

The right question should be:


‘How much do you know about pregnancy and barrenness?’  

The root of a solution is not self-pity or drowning in sorrow every time you see a newborn or a neighbor’s kid playing around. If you think or have been told that you are barren, there is hope for you. You too can get not one, but several healthy children.  

Many have been down the road that you are passing, but their determination to seek a solution paid off well. If you are still reading this, you are also a determined soul. Determined souls get rewarded.  

So, what is the solution we are talking about? 

As the title of this piece of content suggests, we are talking about breaking the chains that make you infertile/barren using pregnancy/fertility spells. Barrenness/ infertility is the result of unbroken chains in the spiritual realm. You cannot solve spiritual problems using physical ‘solutions’.  

In this post, we take our time to explore the options you have for you to feel like a worthy woman again. Pregnancy and fertility spells are simple to create and take a short time to show results. You can do it yourself, although it is always advisable to consult a reputable spell caster. Magic is a two-way saw. It can be dangerous if not handled with care. The advantage is that IDr. Ezra, am well-versed with all the procedures, tricks, and dynamics of magic. I will guide you through this and other spell casting activities that can eliminate all the troubles you face in life.  

Without much ado, let us delve into the selection of fertility spells that can guarantee your path to motherhood:  

1. Partner Fertility Spell 

Making babies is a thing for two. This fertility spell needs you to do the same.  Your partner is a crucial part of the process.  The advantage of performing a partner fertility spell is that it doubles the amount of energy needed to complete the spell. It is, for this reason, more effective than most other love spells.   

The aim of the partner fertility spell is to maximize your ability to conceive. One of the main causes of infertility is the psychological blockage of the system. Stress and depression sometimes drive both men and women into infertility by emitting negative energy into the processes that facilitate conception. Some resort to drug and substance abuse, especially alcoholism, which directs them into a vicious cycle of inability to perform in sexual activities. At times, stress and depression demand divine intervention. It is for this reason that partners need to perform the ritual together for them to clear their minds and meditate on the baby-making process. 

A partner fertility spell, like all other magic spells, uses symbols and representations. In this case, the most important ingredient is an egg. It represents the period of pregnancy as well as fertility. Another thing worth noting is that it should be performed during the new moon.  

Looking complicated? Not at all. The partner love spell is one of the most basic types of magic. People who have practiced constructive magic before often find it quite easy to successfully complete.  

Practices and Procedure

To perform the pregnancy spell ritual, you need to:  

        a. Prepare for the Yule. The Yule is a German festival that begins at the advent of the December solstice and ends eleven days later. If your need is more urgent than that, I, Dr. Ezra, can perform the ritual for you using other correspondences that match the demands of the Wild Hunt festival, dubbed Yule. 

        b. Collect the ingredients early enough. As earlier mentioned, a chicken egg with a brown shell is a basic ingredient. Brown corresponds with the color of people amongst the deities. Other ingredients include a black ribbon, water, grass seeds, a flowerpot, a green pencil, and some soil.  

        c. Decorate the egg using a pencil. On its surface, you need to draw a full moon, a representation of Venus (planet), across, and a star with five points.   

        d. Place the colored egg in the flowerpot filled with soil.  

        e. Plant several grass seeds in the same flowerpot. 

        f. Water the seeds daily for at least two months. The growth of the grass seeds is an important part of the pregnancy spell. It symbolizes the growth of a child in the womb.  

A crucial enabler of the process is the ability to visualize yourself pregnant. It is the faith that you place in the universe that is rewarded. If you do not have the faith, do not hesitate to call me, Dr. Ezra, for a piece of advice on how to go about it for superb results from the fertility spell.  

 2. Bath Fertility Spell 

Cleansing is a physical activity that is largely accepted in a significant majority of religions. It symbolizes the redemption of the soul from all uncleanliness. The bath fertility spell is the magic way of cleansing a woman from all things that hinder pregnancy.  


The process of casting the bath pregnancy/fertility spell is as simple as it can be. All you need to do is to follow it to the letter. Failure to do so may lead to a disastrous end. The steps are as follows: 

      a. Acquire the necessary ingredients. You need a massage cream and a bathtub, and a string of pearls. 

      b.Take a good bath with water that is at the best temperature as you would want it.  

      c. Apply massage cream on the whole of your body. You should particularly focus on the lower abdomen.  

      d. Attune your mind to thinking about you and the person with whom you plan to engage in sexual activities.  

      e. Visualize a room filled with attractive lighting and the light streaming from your partner, through your hand, to your belly.  

      f. Wear the string of pearls as you visualize yourself heavily pregnant with the baby you would want. 

      g. Chant the words that your trusted spell caster will give you. The chant is the most important part of the procedure. However, the words are dynamic, owing to the change in time. You may contact meDr. Ezra, for a speedy offer.  

       i. Continue engaging in sexual intercourse with one partner.  

It is important to maintain your faith in the fertility spell. The results will be manifest within the normal time of conception after sex.  

  3. Napkin Pregnancy Spell 

The napkin pregnancy spell, as the name suggests, is meant to invite a child. It is also a simple fertility spell, if performed when considering the necessary precautions. To perform this spell, you need the following ingredients: a white napkin (brand new), matchbox. iodized salt, a green string, and a white candle. It is important to ensure that your mind is clear. The napkin pregnancy spell demands a stress-free environment for it to be effective. The only thing that should be ringing in your mind is the results of the spell-casting session. You must be result-oriented. 


      a. Create the altar in which you will perform the spell. 

      b. Use the matchbox to light the candle. 

      c. Place the salt in the napkin while chanting the words that best suit the period in which you are casting the spell. At this juncture, you are required to only use the words that a prominent spell caster has given you. It will be difficult for you to coin the words if you do not have the knowledge and prior experience in casting spells.  

      d. Carefully pick the napkin to avoid losing the salt.  

      e. Tie the napkin using the thread to make it a bag that cannot lose the salt. 

      f. Place the tied napkin under the pillow of your bed.  

The results of the napkin fertility spell will be seen within the normal period of conception if you have enough faith. However, if you do not believe enough, the universe will be equally slow to reward you with the baby you want.  

All the above pregnancy/ fertility spells can give you as many offspring as you want. You, however, have a choice not to perform them yourself. You can delegate the work to a powerful spell caster who will do them for you. The latter is advisable. I, Dr. Ezra, am always available if you need any assistance in casting the fertility/pregnancy spells. My psychic powers and experience in casting different kinds of magic spells give me enough power to offer the necessary solutions to every woman who has been suffering from a lack of children. Utilize me when you still can.  


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Ancient traditional love spells




Ancient traditional love spells

Ancient traditional love spells

Ancient traditional love spells have been almost for ages and it has unlimited most faithful my clients have gained happiness in their everyday life. As a spell caster and a healer, I use a variety of roots, bark, herbs, flowers. And other products later I  make my traditional medicines.  Most of my treatments are focused upon the imbalances in your body. If the source of the ailment is the primary concern, appropriately in the past allow the right herbs.

As a Powerful lover spells caster | get the best help and advice from spiritual traditional healer it’s time to have a change in your LOVE life for the better and don’t just sit back and think your worst situation cannot be changed. It’s time you present your problem to a gifted spell caster in town with trusted advice and help. I know you once had a lover but they left you for someone else and you want them back.

love spells

Love spells are the most requested spells that I have made a name at for the past years across the world. The gift that I possess, given to me by the maker of the universe makes me the best love spell caster to bring about freedom in your Marriage, Relationship.

I design a custom spell tailed to only your specific situation and that’s the reason as to why there is a large number of success with my love spells or the Lost Love spells. From mending broken hearts, To bringing back lost Lovers. You can not get super working real love spells from anywhere except here!

Love spells to get back your lover using Ancient traditional love spells

Have you been disappointed or lost hope? Then it’s time to be with a belief so that you can have a positive change. These forces are harmless and they can be oriented to help you. As a real spell caster, I don’t believe in coincidence. There are superior energies in the universe that can be used to your advantage. I will be the spiritual link between you and them. My powerful ancient traditional love spells can reunite lovers and realize their aspirations I Cast Spells and performs Traditional magic and through this, he Does work, and below are some of the problems I can help with:
Love-related problems or Mending broken Relationships.

Get these powerful spells

These love spells will assist you and create or restore a proper relationship along with your spouse. Are you experiencing sadness 0f being lonely and keeping a broken eye on yourself, whenever it’s so easy to obtain the right answer? Check out my page online, it is possible to view, select numerous numbers spells to ensure that you can select the one which will function and sort out your own love troubles. i will try and direct you on how you can this kind of spell.


Black pen or marker
2 rings
1 red candle
white rose petals (fresh or)
Red ribbon

how to cast this spell.

  • Place the red candle and the dish on your altar. Light the candle and start breathing slowly.
  • Then start Writing down your full name and your lost lover’s name across the red ribbon using a pen or marker.
  • Use the red ribbon to tie the rings together close to each other.
  • Put the tied rings on the dish, near to the candle.
  • Place 7 red rose petals around the candle.
  • With your hands above the red candle flame, start chanting the prayer which is given to you by the spell caster
  • Leave the candle burn completely. Don’t leave the ritual room when candle is still burning.
  • Once the red candle is out, you can cut the red ribbon. Throw it and all other remains away.
  • Keep the rings safely with you and wear them every day. Clean the dish and put it away.
  • Use this spell to bring an ex-boyfriend back,ex-husband, ex-girlfriend or ex-wife. It can also work on gay couples


Why cast these Ancient Traditional love spells

You also deserve to get happy moments with your soulmate, to be kissed, to be adopted by somebody’s arms, to be cared for, and eventually get married. The amazing language is based upon the century-old formula that offers brought effects towards the bravest and lonely people.

With this means, happiness will be cut back to your relationship or even marriage since getting children may be the major reason why persons marry for the particular first time.

Upon the page, you will certainly see some of the most strong love spells that We have improved ages right after years. Nowadays, all these types of spells have hit their own peak state and can offer you wonderful results to resolve the issues!

Every one of these spells has already changed the lives of some people before you, and you are only one step off from feeling that also.

Put in mind that;

Ancient Traditional powers can heal any spiritual, physical, mental, or financial problem you might be facing in your life. Find and solve life problems with my ancient traditional love spells with magic. I dr. EZRA, am a powerful traditional healer.
The traditional healer who has powerful traditional healing powers that can help you solve health problems, spiritual problems, business problems, love problems, debt problems & financial problems. Contact me for more information on how to cast or spell caster someone in your favor. I got all these powers just to make sure people should not suffer anymore.

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online spell caster




online spell caster

online spell caster. Many women ask me, spellcaster Dr. EZRA, as one of the leading magic practitioners in the world, to cast break-up spells that work on their husbands who are cheating on them. Before I agree, I ask them, “Are you sure your husband is cheating on you?” Do you know what most women reply to? “I don’t have proof but I can feel that he’s sleeping with another woman.”

spell to break up a relationship?

Spell to break up a relationship however, you do not need to hurry and postpone your ritual until a later date. There are several good ways to make your husband love you again without the use of destructive spells. They are quite simple and are based on the energy of the loving wife, so they can be quite effective.
Black magic to make someone mad and sick or yourself sick- online spell caster

Powerful Spells to Control Someone’s Mind

Do you feel that your family is not paying attention to you like before since you become younger? Or Do you feel that your husband/wife doesn’t care for you like before? Do you feel that if you get sick then you will gain the attention of your loved ones?.
If yes then give it a try to spell of Black magic to make someone mad and sick or yourself sick and if you are thinking that you will get hurt by its effect then don’t worry as it is always under the control of the spell performer how much he wants to hurt the particular person with the Powerful Spells to Control Someone’s Mind and can cure instantly too by reversing that spell.

Black magic spell to make someone sick and die-get rid of your enemy permanently

Do you want to kill your enemy which has become a headache for you without leaving evidence behind? Are you looking for an instant solution on How to get revenge on someone who hurt you. If yes then you can use voodoo spell which is a black magic spell to make someone sick and die and works under the ritual of tantra mantra

How to punish someone who hurt you by Black Magic spell

Today we are going to tell you about such miraculous and powerful black magic spell through which you can kill your enemy. And make your enemy sick. Yes, if you are upset with your enemy then you do not need to worry at all because we are giving some tantric tricks which will help you to protect yourself from your enemies.

You Can provide severe disease to your enemy and can also overcome all the problems given by your enemy. So let’s know how to punish someone who hurt you by Black Magic spell trick or remedy. online spell caster

How to put a black magic curse on someone who hurt you

Below is the best black magic method because this works as immediately. And after you will make its use on your enemy his destruction will be begun. Way to put a black magic curse on someone who hurt you is given below. It can really make someone ill to meet his death. And that person will be resulting to have to automatically die

Spells To Punish Someone

Punishing someone is such a serious business you have to be careful if you are considering it. There are many different ways that you can use to punish some who have hurt you. One of these is the use of spells to punish someone; the topic of this article. However, because I know that sometimes punishing someone is the only option you have, I will tell you how to go about this

Spells To Destroy An Enemy

Maybe we should hold our breaks for a moment and explain what spells to destroy someone are all about. I am sure the word destroy is telling on its own. When something is damaged, it is killed and will no longer exist in the form that everybody knows it to live in. For instance, think about destroying that house in which you are sitting as you read this

Spell To Destroy Someone

So, if you are going to cast spells to kill someone, you are literally making that person lose everything they have. The ultimate destruction an individual can actually face is death. However, sometimes these spells can destroy a person by making them forget everything they have: their job, their car, their home, and even their family. online spell caster

Spell To Make An Enemy Move Away

These spells can be used by either you to destroy someone else or by an enemy to destroy you. This is the reason why I always advise anyone who comes looking for spells to kill someone that they should instead think more about protecting themselves and find a spell to make an enemy go away

Spells To Harm An Enemy

If, however, you want to teach an enemy a lesson, now one can judge you for wanting to do that. The truth is that you are the only one who knows what pain you have been through in the hands of the enemy and in the same vein you should be the only one who should make the decision about what you want to do with the enemy.

Spell To Make Someone Sick

Whether you agree or you don’t, the truth is that we all have enemies who want to hurt us. Some of these enemies are known to use, and some of them actually act like our friends. The enemies we know are better, yet those who pretend to be our friends are the most dangerous of the lot. These types of enemies will stop at nothing and may sometimes even use spells to make someone sick.

Spell To Make Someone Sick And Die

Of course, if someone knows how to use spells to make someone sick, they are better than those who look for a spell to make someone sick and die. While you can come back from being sick if people realize early enough that someone has cast a spell to make you such, once you are dead there is really no one that can help you. This is why you will need the protection spells I refer to at the end of this article. online spell caster

How To Curse Someone To Love You

Other spells related to the punishment spells are curse spells to make someone love you. This spell can be cast on you, or you can cast it on someone else. If someone casts this spell on you, you may find yourself unable to resist their advances. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use these types of spells on anyone because you do not want someone to fall in love with you by force

Break Up Spell

Most people coming to look for revenge spells often tell me that they want to punish someone who cast a break-up spell on their relationship. While I would advise these people about the different types of spells available, I often tell them to be proactive as opposed to being reactive.

Binding Spells For Enemies

By saying you need to be proactive, I mean that you must act before your enemy does. How do I do this? You may ask. Cast binding spells for enemies. These spells will render your enemies powerless. Without power, they are not able to do all those things that can hurt you. online spell caster

Curses That Work Instantly

When your enemies have decided to hurt you in any way, they mean serious business. They often look for curses that work instantly. What does this mean for you? It means that you will not have time to defend yourself once they have cursed you. What then do I do? You ask. Keep reading, I have the answer towards the end of this article.

Simple Revenge Spells

Sometimes you just want pure revenge in order to warm an enemy that you can see what they are trying to do. This is when you can use simple revenge spells. These types of spells will not cause any permanent harm. They just make the person suffer just a bit so that they can learn their lesson.

How To Destroy An Enemy

One of the effective ways of destroying an enemy is the use of AFRICAN VOODOO SPELLS. When you use my African voodoo spells, you merely say a group of words with the intention of triggering an inevitable result. My spells can either be done in your own language or you can use words provided to you by a spell caster. If you would like some examples, take some time to write to use, and we can make suggestions.

Easy Revenge Spells

But you may be saying that I want to revenge, but I am afraid of using spells because I have never used them. Well, the fact that you have never used spells should never be an excuse for you not to do anything. You can always start by using easy revenge spells

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psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you




psychic love spells to bring back your lover bac

psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you

psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you are basically designed by me with very powerful magic and ritual to help manipulate the forces of nature. These spells have been learned and proven by me for over 20 years and above now.

Now I will try and ask you again

Are you having any loved ones that left you? Have you tried your level best to bring your lover back to you? But nothing happened and you are still waiting? Are you tired of waiting for him/her to decide whether to come back to you?


Are you trying to ask yourself when will he/she wake up and get a chance of seeing him/her smile at you again like in the old days? well, the answer to those questions is right here to you, Now don’t stress your self just contact me. Psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you

Through my Whatsapp number and get a chance of seeing your loved ones smiling at you again. Am willing to cast your ex-lover who left you. With me, I have great psychic powers which are more effective and spiritual love spells to bring him/her back from where they are. I have saved many people from this problem by this spell. psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you


However, for this psychic spell to work, it should be summoned by you. When your lover is with another person it’s now a confusion of the spirits but remembers he or she is still having the feelings for you which are hidden. Psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you

Now for that case, he/she feels trapped and it needs him or her to take a tough decision to come back to you. But in most cases, he/she is confused about either or not to come back to you. But when I cast my psychic powers, spiritual love spell to bring your loved ones back to you.

The fact is that it should be cast by YOU. You calling your loved ones to come back to you is that you want him/her to come back to your life. These voodoo, love spells are 100% guaranteed and with no stress.

So if you want to be relieved from that kind of challenge and those negative energies just contact me on my Whatsapp number. And am willing to cast you the best psychic love spell in regards to your situation.

how this spell works

i will try to explain to you how this spell work. Remember I told you that for it to work effectively. You should do this ritual. So we use the candle which is simplest and easiest. Now always remember to choose the right color of the candle and a piece of colored paper that matches the intent of your candle.

Decide what you want your loved one back to you and then write it on the piece of paper. Well, this practice can be done in any other spells such as love spells, marriage spells and many more. For this case, we are forcing on bringing your loved ones back to you. So you will write down on your intent or paper: psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you


that “I want my husband or your wifey brought back to me.” you for this matter in some traditions. You would jot down your goal in a magical alphabet, such as Theban or Enochian. Because this is a love spell.

So you will select either red or blue piece of paper and a candle of the same color. And write down on the paperthat you want your loved ones back to you. But what you have to put in is that you will visualize that person walking towards you.  Psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you


And also once you’ve written down your loved one walking to you. fold the piece of paper, concentrate on your intent the whole time.


You know where a problem comes is when Some people like to say a small incantation as they do this. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. You can use something as simple as:

  • My husband/wife should come back t me
    I want him to smile back at me again.
    Make my husband decide to come back to me,
    As he will, so it shall be.

Place one corner of the folded paper into the candle’s flame and allow it to catch fire this practice is also done in voodooism. Then hold the paper as long as possible (without burning your fingers) and then place it in a fire-safe bowl or cauldron to burn the rest of the way on its own.

Allow the candle to burn out completely. When the candle has melted, dispose of it, rather than saving it to use again for another work. Psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you

Usually, there’s not much left of a candle except a stub of wax, and you can either bury it outdoors or dispose of it in whatever manner you choose. Psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you


You must NOT Practise any spell casting on your own cause when you do with guidelines you can make a mistake that will bring backfire to the person your casting to.

Always seek out psychics to always help or tell you what to do. And will also make the spell more effective since you have seek-out guides.

I keep on saying this thing cause I know what can happen next, so in case you want to spell cast someone contact me on my number, and am willing to help you with all the challenges you face in life. Psychic love spells to bring your lover back to you

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