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Barren? You Can Make A Baby Today Using These Pregnancy Spells.



Pregnancy Spells For You To Stop Barrenness.

Pregnancy Spells For You To Stop Barrenness Today.

Pregnancy Spells For You To Stop Barrenness Today – If you are asking Why can’t I conceive like other women?, you are asking the wrong question. It is probably the major reason why you are still agonizing in the pain of barrenness.  

The right question should be:


‘How much do you know about pregnancy and barrenness?’  

The root of a solution is not self-pity or drowning in sorrow every time you see a newborn or a neighbor’s kid playing around. If you think or have been told that you are barren, there is hope for you. You too can get not one, but several healthy children.  

Many have been down the road that you are passing, but their determination to seek a solution paid off well. If you are still reading this, you are also a determined soul. Determined souls get rewarded.  

So, what is the solution we are talking about? 

As the title of this piece of content suggests, we are talking about breaking the chains that make you infertile/barren using pregnancy/fertility spells. Barrenness/ infertility is the result of unbroken chains in the spiritual realm. You cannot solve spiritual problems using physical ‘solutions’.  

In this post, we take our time to explore the options you have for you to feel like a worthy woman again. Pregnancy and fertility spells are simple to create and take a short time to show results. You can do it yourself, although it is always advisable to consult a reputable spell caster. Magic is a two-way saw. It can be dangerous if not handled with care. The advantage is that IDr. Ezra, am well-versed with all the procedures, tricks, and dynamics of magic. I will guide you through this and other spell casting activities that can eliminate all the troubles you face in life.  

Without much ado, let us delve into the selection of fertility spells that can guarantee your path to motherhood:  

1. Partner Fertility Spell 

Making babies is a thing for two. This fertility spell needs you to do the same.  Your partner is a crucial part of the process.  The advantage of performing a partner fertility spell is that it doubles the amount of energy needed to complete the spell. It is, for this reason, more effective than most other love spells.   

The aim of the partner fertility spell is to maximize your ability to conceive. One of the main causes of infertility is the psychological blockage of the system. Stress and depression sometimes drive both men and women into infertility by emitting negative energy into the processes that facilitate conception. Some resort to drug and substance abuse, especially alcoholism, which directs them into a vicious cycle of inability to perform in sexual activities. At times, stress and depression demand divine intervention. It is for this reason that partners need to perform the ritual together for them to clear their minds and meditate on the baby-making process. 

A partner fertility spell, like all other magic spells, uses symbols and representations. In this case, the most important ingredient is an egg. It represents the period of pregnancy as well as fertility. Another thing worth noting is that it should be performed during the new moon.  

Looking complicated? Not at all. The partner love spell is one of the most basic types of magic. People who have practiced constructive magic before often find it quite easy to successfully complete.  

Practices and Procedure

To perform the pregnancy spell ritual, you need to:  

        a. Prepare for the Yule. The Yule is a German festival that begins at the advent of the December solstice and ends eleven days later. If your need is more urgent than that, I, Dr. Ezra, can perform the ritual for you using other correspondences that match the demands of the Wild Hunt festival, dubbed Yule. 

        b. Collect the ingredients early enough. As earlier mentioned, a chicken egg with a brown shell is a basic ingredient. Brown corresponds with the color of people amongst the deities. Other ingredients include a black ribbon, water, grass seeds, a flowerpot, a green pencil, and some soil.  

        c. Decorate the egg using a pencil. On its surface, you need to draw a full moon, a representation of Venus (planet), across, and a star with five points.   

        d. Place the colored egg in the flowerpot filled with soil.  

        e. Plant several grass seeds in the same flowerpot. 

        f. Water the seeds daily for at least two months. The growth of the grass seeds is an important part of the pregnancy spell. It symbolizes the growth of a child in the womb.  

A crucial enabler of the process is the ability to visualize yourself pregnant. It is the faith that you place in the universe that is rewarded. If you do not have the faith, do not hesitate to call me, Dr. Ezra, for a piece of advice on how to go about it for superb results from the fertility spell.  

 2. Bath Fertility Spell 

Cleansing is a physical activity that is largely accepted in a significant majority of religions. It symbolizes the redemption of the soul from all uncleanliness. The bath fertility spell is the magic way of cleansing a woman from all things that hinder pregnancy.  


The process of casting the bath pregnancy/fertility spell is as simple as it can be. All you need to do is to follow it to the letter. Failure to do so may lead to a disastrous end. The steps are as follows: 

      a. Acquire the necessary ingredients. You need a massage cream and a bathtub, and a string of pearls. 

      b.Take a good bath with water that is at the best temperature as you would want it.  

      c. Apply massage cream on the whole of your body. You should particularly focus on the lower abdomen.  

      d. Attune your mind to thinking about you and the person with whom you plan to engage in sexual activities.  

      e. Visualize a room filled with attractive lighting and the light streaming from your partner, through your hand, to your belly.  

      f. Wear the string of pearls as you visualize yourself heavily pregnant with the baby you would want. 

      g. Chant the words that your trusted spell caster will give you. The chant is the most important part of the procedure. However, the words are dynamic, owing to the change in time. You may contact meDr. Ezra, for a speedy offer.  

       i. Continue engaging in sexual intercourse with one partner.  

It is important to maintain your faith in the fertility spell. The results will be manifest within the normal time of conception after sex.  

  3. Napkin Pregnancy Spell 

The napkin pregnancy spell, as the name suggests, is meant to invite a child. It is also a simple fertility spell, if performed when considering the necessary precautions. To perform this spell, you need the following ingredients: a white napkin (brand new), matchbox. iodized salt, a green string, and a white candle. It is important to ensure that your mind is clear. The napkin pregnancy spell demands a stress-free environment for it to be effective. The only thing that should be ringing in your mind is the results of the spell-casting session. You must be result-oriented. 


      a. Create the altar in which you will perform the spell. 

      b. Use the matchbox to light the candle. 

      c. Place the salt in the napkin while chanting the words that best suit the period in which you are casting the spell. At this juncture, you are required to only use the words that a prominent spell caster has given you. It will be difficult for you to coin the words if you do not have the knowledge and prior experience in casting spells.  

      d. Carefully pick the napkin to avoid losing the salt.  

      e. Tie the napkin using the thread to make it a bag that cannot lose the salt. 

      f. Place the tied napkin under the pillow of your bed.  

The results of the napkin fertility spell will be seen within the normal period of conception if you have enough faith. However, if you do not believe enough, the universe will be equally slow to reward you with the baby you want.  

All the above pregnancy/ fertility spells can give you as many offspring as you want. You, however, have a choice not to perform them yourself. You can delegate the work to a powerful spell caster who will do them for you. The latter is advisable. I, Dr. Ezra, am always available if you need any assistance in casting the fertility/pregnancy spells. My psychic powers and experience in casting different kinds of magic spells give me enough power to offer the necessary solutions to every woman who has been suffering from a lack of children. Utilize me when you still can.  


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Effective Love Spells that Work Immediately – Guaranteed




Effective Love Spells that Work Immediately

Effective Love Spells that Work Immediately

Effective Love Spells that Work Immediately – Falling in love is an easy do and easy be.  But receiving an equal measure of the love you give is a tedious task. Worse still, the results of the task are not guaranteed, despite demanding a lot of effort.  The only guaranteed relief is using one of the love spells that have been proven to work without any guesswork.

The common ‘knowledge’ is that casting love spells or any other kind of magic is a devilish idea. Since childhood, people have been led to believe that magic is only used by people with malicious intent.

The opposite is true.

The number one reason for this viewpoint is that 100%  of human beings have, at least once in their lifetimes, harnessed the power of the universe through magic.  If you have ever made a wish over birthday candles or on the sight of a shooting star, you are familiar with magic and its enormous positive power.

Years of formal and psychic reading have also led me to this conclusion. I, Dr. Ezra, have made massive progress in sifting out numerous love spells. My experience in casting love spells have brought me to the conclusion that the following are the most effective and fastest love spells:

  1. Attraction Love Spell

Nothing says ‘welcome for love’ like an attractive person. Unfortunately, being attractive goes beyond wearing good clothes and good perfume. It involves breaking the chains that restrict you from the love of your life.

Fortunately, the universe offers a solution to this problem. An attraction love spell is easy to cast. It means that you can do it on your own at home.  The only thing you need is to know the right words to chant for the results to be as fast and effective as desired.

The process of chanting includes:

  1. Get the right words from your trusted psychic reader. This step is inevitable since the words change with seasons, moon phases, and times of the day. It is not advisable to create your own combination for the attraction love spell if you are not an experienced psychic reader. You can lean on me, Dr. Ezra, for a powerful combination at all times.
  2. Chant the words you are given at least 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening. It would be best if you remembered to focus your mind on your crush.

The attraction love spell will be manifest within a day if you follow the right process without faltering. Your crush will start noticing you. If you approach him/her, they will be ready to accept you. Better still, he/she will start looking for ways to stay in contact with you, and they will like your personality.

  1. Binding love spell

A binding love spell is an advanced option that can be used in place of an attraction spell. It is better and more effective since it has the power to capture the whole heart of the person you love.  Unlike the attraction love spell, it seeks to bind people together with a powerful love for each other that lasts for a lifetime.

Here and now, you are going to get a formula that will be effective enough to give you the love of your life and make him/her yours forever and ever.

All you need are a few ingredients; a needle, two dolls, and a red ribbon. You should then:

  1. Use the needle to inscribe your name on one doll.
  2. Use the same needle to engrave the name of your crush on the other doll.
  3. Pierce both dolls and use the needle to hold them together. The binding love spell is all about creating a bond between you and your crush.
  4. Tie together the dolls using the red ribbon. The dolls should face each other.
  5. Grasp the dolls and chant the words that your trusted psychic reader will give you. The right words are a must for each ritual.
  6. Place the dolls in a secret place in your bedroom. You are required to chant at least 40 times every day.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that a binding love spell has permanent effects. It is only advisable to have a qualified spell caster doing it for you.  The ‘rule of threefold’ can cause a lot of damage if you are unable to meet the basic requirements for performing a ritual.

  1. Lost love spell

Contrary to the aforementioned, a lost love spell is a kind of powerful magic that reconnects people who once loved each other.  It is all about reviving the love you once had for each other.

If you lost someone you once loved, worry not. There is still hope for you and a beautiful future in love that is blessed by the universe itself. The affection of your ex is within your reach.

The lost love spell needs you to have the following ingredients: a needle, a green candle, red ink, and the right words needed to activate the ritual. After collecting these ingredients, you should then:

  1. Take a good rest the day before casting the spell. This love spell is likely to drain a lot of your energy. It is, therefore, advisable to be prepared and revitalized. Sending positive energy to the universe should be your goal since it is the same energy that will be returned to you three times over.
  2. Write the name of your lost loved one and yours too on the green candle. It is advisable to use the green candle only since green is the color that represents reconciliation.
  3. Light the candle as you focus your mind on your lost ex-lover.
  4. Chant the words that your trusted spell caster gives you to chant for at least 40 times every morning and evening.

Reminder: You must ensure that your intentions are not malicious when casting this spell. Your energy determines your results. If you do not feel confident enough to undertake the numerous steps involved, feel free to contact me for speedy assistance. You need not stress yourself with any part of the procedure.

  1. Marriage Love Spells

Not all relationships end in a happy marriage. The good news is that your relationship can be among the few tha finish the good race. Curious how you can achieve this level of confidence in your relationship?

A marriage love spell is the blessing in disguise that will guide your relationship down the road to a happy marriage. You do not have to lose in every relationship. You also do not have to undergo the pain of being heartbroken by every girlfriend/ boyfriend you meet. You are meant for something better than pain and suffering. A marriage love spell is a tunnel through which your blessings will be delivered.

The procedure for casting a marriage love spell is easy, and it delivers fast results regardless of the complexity of the problems you are facing. Firstly, it breaks the chains that have been delivering troubles to your doorsteps.  Some of the most common hindrances to a successful relationship include infidelity, miscarriages, and barrenness.

With my assistance, we can eliminate all these chains using a marriage love spell.  However, if you would like to try it yourself, here are the steps you need to follow strictly:

  1. Ensure that your mind, soul, and body are all in the best mood. Being tired, angry, or any other negative emotions may wreak havoc on your spell-casting procedure.
  2. Collect the ingredients needed for the spell. They include nine dry yarrow stalks, a green ribbon.
  3. Tie the nine yarrow stalks using the red ribbon.
  4. Tie the combination on the bed you lay with your desired marriage partner.

The marriage love spell will manifest within the next few days. It is, however, advisable to place the spell in a place where your partner cannot see it; otherwise, he/she may feel scared. As earlier explained, a majority of people do not understand the concept of magic. It is advisable not to bring the new concept into the relationship without prior preparation.

Parting Shot

Casting love spells or any other kind of magic is an uphill task for most people. It demands a lot of energy, something that some people feel scared to feel leaving their bodies. It is, however, harmless if you are sure about yourself and your skill.

The best thing to do is to leave the hard work to an experienced spell caster and psychic reader. My skill and experience have been tested for years to ensure perfection.  If you need assistance, you can contact me to know:

  1. The kind of spell you need, according to the challenge you are facing.
  2. How to make the spell work within the shortest time possible.
  3. How to relieve yourself from any spell that infringes your free will.

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Troubled by Love? These Love Spells will solve it all




Love Spells

Love Spells That Will Solve All Your Love Life Troubles

Love Spells – Love is the foundation of humankind. Everybody needs somebody. When you lack someone to love you back, however, life turns colorless, meaningless, and not worth living. The best thing about life, however, is that events can change at any time. If you feel like a clown today, you only need a little effort to be the king tomorrow.
The road of good magic is one with amazing and guaranteed results. Let’s explore some of the impactful magic spells that can deliver the love of your life to your doorstep:

Wiccan Love Spells

Wiccan Love Spells

Beginning the 1950s, Wiccan magic has been the epitome of successful love spells. Wiccan love spells trace their roots to Western society.  They include an assortment of powerful magic rituals that source their energy from nature.
It is in Wiccan love spells that experienced spell casters harness ‘the power of threefold’. It means that whatever energy a human being offers to the universe is reciprocated three times over in the manifestation of the magic spell. By saying ‘experienced spell casters, it means that it is not advisable to perform the rituals if you cannot handle the process of performing it. It is a process that draws the positive vibrations from your body and gives it back three times over. Only experienced persons, such as your trusted spell caster, should perform these rituals(African Voodoo love spells).
Wiccan magic also invokes the higher power of deities. Deities are the gods and goddesses who reward the faithful people with increased powers.
So, how can Wiccan love spells assist me to get a good girlfriend/boyfriend?
Modern Wiccan love spells call upon the gods and goddesses to produce the desired results of love. It means working with the true forces of nature, as opposed to working against them. Working with the universe is a sure way of getting a good lover who matches the description of the lover you have always wanted.
Doing the opposite, unfortunately, causes harm. By saying the opposite, it means using magic to harm other people. Stealing a person’s lover using witchcraft, for example, means that at least three of your partners in the future will be stolen in the same way. It means emitting ‘one piece’ of negative energy and getting paid back three times over.
It is only right to contact a trustworthy spell caster who can advise you on how to get the lover you want without harming others using Wiccan love spells. Otherwise, the deities will ensure that you go through the same experience that you make others go through.

Jinn Love Spells

Similar to Wiccan love spells is another assortment of effective love spells categorized under Jinn spells (Djinn). The history of Jinn love spells dates back to early Arabia. Traditional history explains a jinn as powerful creatures who inspired several well-known poets as well as prophets who foretold the future in almost its entirety. Mohammed is one of the persons who are said to have been inspired by jinn magic.

The existence and practice of jinn magic for a long time have enabled the continuous advancement of knowledge related to the same. The Quran as well as old learning material that preserved the history of Arabia are among the main sources of information regarding jinn spells. The two sources of meaningful information agree that jinn, angels, and demons are three distinct beings that have supernatural power.

This information is important in learning more about the power of jinn and how well it serves humanity in searching for answers that are beyond human knowledge. A little knowledge is dangerous. We, therefore, have to dig deeper and find out meaningful insight into the powers of jinn magic. Don’t we?

Jinn is similar to angels as well as demons. A hybrid can serve as a proper description of the same. A true angel only does good. On the contrary, a pure demon only does evil. It means that a jinn can do both good and evil. It means that just like Wiccan spells, jinn spells can also be friendly and unfriendly, depending on the experience of the person who performs them.

How can jinn love spells serve my journey to a good lover?
A jinn love spell has the power to bless your life with the positive vibes of a good lover. All you need to do is have the power and experience to do it. It is, however, important to note that only the select few have this power.

It flows from ancestral spirits. It is for this reason that some families are blessed with the power to perform the love spells in their lineage. I, Dr. Ezra, have the ancestral blessings that enable me to serve humanity with the knowledge, experience, and power needed to perform a jinn love spell that best serves your life. You can, however, follow my future posts to get a glimpse of the processes that you can follow to perform any of the jinn love spells yourself.

The advantage of performing a jinn love spell is that you send a jinn with good intentions to help you cajole positive love energy from the person whom you love. All you need are the positive energies of love and faith to get the love of your life without any struggles. With a jinn love spell, you can be sure that love is awaiting you.

Black Magic love spells

Black Magic love spells

Black Magic love spells

The third option that you have in seeking love in your life is seeking an effective black magic love spell.
‘Black is evil.’
This is the cliché that has been resounding time and again all our lives. People use it to mean that black witches are evil while white magic is moral and holy. However, contrary to this opinion, black magic is an art of living that dates back to the early 19th century when people started associating witchcraft black cats and black witches who fly at night on brooms.
But we have come too far to believe in such a stereotype.
Black people, black dresses, and everything else black is just a simple color. It is wrong to associate it with darkness and all the evils that come with darkness. In magic, therefore, it should not be associated with dark forces.  Instead, it involves important rituals that have the power to bring happiness into the lives of people who previously have not experienced the magical power of being happy or in love for that matter.
Black magic love spells, just like other magical spells and rituals, need experience, and the right energy for it to work in your favor. The advantage of black magic love spells is that they offer the option to either attract or destroy another person’s love life.

If you need a specific person to be in your love life, you need a qualified spell caster to assist you in getting the person. As earlier explained, I, Dr. Ezra, am a qualified spell caster and psychic reader.  All you need is to ask for my assistance and it will be delivered instantaneously. My years of experience in casting positive black magic love spells empower me to deliver good loving to your doorstep as earlier explained.

White Magic Love Spells

The fourth option that the universe allows you to explore is the way of white magic love spells. Without a shadow of a doubt, white magic love spells are the best type of spells that you can get in the world of magic.

White magic love spells(African Voodoo Love Spells) the best work for people who allow their hearts and souls to explore the world of love without a specific target.  Unlike black magic love spells, white magic love spells do not need a specific target for them to work. For this reason, all you need is to have a clear description of the person you would like to have in your life, and the universe will reward you with the lover of your dreams.

Another advantage is that white magic love spells are harmless to other people.

They do not infringe on the free will of a person to love anyone they like without coercion or the use of negative energy. The only time you would use them to do so is if you are already in a good relationship but you seek to strengthen the love between you and the person you love. It is for this reason that white magic love spells are commonly used to strengthen the love between a husband and a wife for the marriage to last till death put them asunder.

Parting shot
I hope you gained enough insight from this post. I, Dr. Ezra, wish to serve humanity using my psychic powers. I also utilize my ability to research deep into the world of magic, especially in matters of love.  If you would like my assistance in looking for the best person who suits your life, I am always available to guide you through the numerous processes of seeking happiness, love, and a partner of a lifetime. Do not let love pass you by. Do something.

We also offer great services on African Voodoo Love spells, Black Magic Love Spells, Wiccan Love spells

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Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell




Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell

Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell

Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell – is an easy spell to use and practice. They are a whole bunch of easy practices meant to make sure he/she truly loves you and stands by you all the time. So you would want a truly fulfilling relationship for yourself and the one you love. You may have heard of voodoo attraction power love spells. Voodoo attraction power love spells are very popular SPELLSHELP.COM among people.

Africacn Voodoo Lost Love Spells

These love spells are some of the most powerful spells that exist today. Voodoo attraction power love spells are one of the most commonly used voodoo practices, and they are mainly used to make someone you adore fall in love with you, bring your former lover back in your life, or bring back lost love, restore broken love, or make someone interested in you.

In most cases, they are associated with the good intention to completely return the love. Voodoo attraction power love spells help solve many issues related to love, and they often use flowers, shells, candles, herbs, talismans, and voodoo, as well as the most commonly used voodoo dolls. These voodoo love spells are sometimes used together with love potions.

Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell

Have you lost your beautiful and attractive lover? Do you love him and want to bring your lover back to your life? You need to know that a voodoo attraction power love spell is a very effective and magical way to attract your lost soul mate. However, you need to work hard to cast a voodoo attraction power love spell with great perfection so that you can rekindle your love or regain lost love.

All this time you tried to make him see you and get enticed but he is so ignorant about you and what you are doing. It seems he is not picking up his signal. So he is not giving you the attention you are trying to seek all this time long, I am willing to help you make the perfect sense for yourself and the one you want to attract.

Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell

Use the Voodoo Attraction Power Love Spell to make him notice you.

Noticing you is the power you want. To make him know how you feel about him too. So the same energy you put to get him will be brought back to you too. You will also be able to hold the cards and make sure he loves you alone and you alone. All this will maintain high standards for you. To see the truth and light beyond everything you hold now.

Today will be the last day you try so much, so just know you can make perfect sense for this relationship you have all the time been fighting to get. You will not be let down or be disappointed if you do well. So hurry up to apply for this. It is so powerful but nothing should be taken lightly here.

So how do voodoo attraction power love spells work?

These spells are rituals performed by a sangoma that use the power of the ancestors to push away the obstacles that remain in the way of love. During a self-proclaimed trance, the magician opens himself to the right place. During the trance, the spell caster unites with the spirit and gains the ability to channel spiritual energies to form desired effects.

Are they harmful?

Of course, voodoo attraction power love spells also need some physical means of transmission, such as items belonging to the subject of love spells.
Despite their unique form, their final effects must comply with the six principles of love spells. This means that they cannot harm anyone, cause any negative long-term side effects, or in any way deceive the subject. The strongest spirit that is present in a voodoo attraction power love spell is of the ancestors. The power from the spirit of the ancestor is used to remove any obstacles to love. There are spells that are used to gain love, while there are others that can help you rekindle the flame of love.

You must remember that this form of magic requires some physical transmission, and that is why you need to get certain items that belong to the person to whom you wish to cast a love spell.
Here’s how to cast basic voodoo attraction love spells.

Romantic scenes 

Operate the dolls as if they are kissing and expressing each other their feelings of love. You do not want to make them act like they are walking in a park. Focus on the desired results, not how you get there. Create several different scenes. When you are done, remove the dolls. Some voodoo love magic will require you to bury them; however, this is not necessary. Just peel off a sheet of paper with your full names and dates of birth or photos from the dolls. You can throw them away or leave them, but do not use them in other voodoo love spells. These are just their foundations, and there are many more.


Create a spell that describes the purpose of your voodoo magic. For example, “love me with all your heart so that we never be separated.” It does not need to rhyme. Instead, you can use the directive, for example, “love me twice as much as I love you.” You may be tempted to make a person love you 1000 times more than you love her, but she will most likely not leave you alone for a moment. This type of voodoo spell can also be used to soothe love in someone.

 A doll

You will need two dolls, one for representing you, and the other for the character of your choice. They can be made by you from fabric and stuffing, for example, cotton, or bought. Although some people usually try to make dolls resemble the people they represent by casting voodoo doll spells, it really doesn’t matter.

A state of trance

This type of voodoo love spell requires you to enter a trance state. It may seem complicated, but it is very easy. Depending on your mood, your brain produces frequencies that are known as brain waves. There are different types of trance states, but you need to use deep relaxation to switch your brain waves to alpha or theta, which allows you to influence others with your thoughts. Concentrate on the parts of your body one by one, relieving all tension until you begin to feel refreshed and rested.

Magic link

You need something that is connected with the person of your desire and something that is associated with you. Many people use hairpins for hair or nails because they consider them stronger magical ties and think they will get better results. If you have studied magic for a while, you know that it is you who create the link and create the magic. Materials are the only characters to help you. It’s hard to get a strand of hair or clippings of nails, and you may run into big trouble if you see that you are collecting them. You will still get the same results using the date of birth and full name. Write them on a piece of paper and attach them to the dolls. You can also use photos.

State of trance

This type of voodoo attraction power love spell requires you to enter a trance state. It may seem complicated, but it is very easy. Depending on your mood, your brain produces frequencies that are known as brain waves. There are different types of trance states, but you need to use deep relaxation to switch your brain waves to alpha or theta, which allows you to influence others with your thoughts. Concentrate on the parts of your body one by one, relieving all tension until you begin to feel refreshed and rested.

So since you have an idea of how a voodoo attraction power love spell is performed i think now you to put your trust in us. That situation you in today seems challenging of losing your loved one  but I promise you that contact us and the rest will be history.

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