About Witchcraft And Magic.       

 About Witchcraft And Magic –  I humbly welcome you to the AFRICAN VOODOO AND LOVE SPELLS. A home where you are going to know more about the mystries of witchcraft, Wicca, astrology plus all the other things you may need to know about magic and the spiritual realm.
Magic, witchcraft, astrology, and Wicca have for centuries been practiced and in existence.

It is the same powers that are also called the power of darkness due to what it is being used and how it’s practiced. Let’s forget about the magic we watch in films and movies. An image of negativity has been portrayed about magic and witchcraft that today we no longer looking at the positive side of these practices yet have been in place for decades.

A spell is one of the common terms that one can think of if you happen to talk about witchcraft and magic. A spell has the power of positivity to do good when cast bringing about a good change in your life today. Below are some of the types of spell

– Magic spell                                   – Love spell
– Black magic spell                        – Voodoo love spell
– Money spell                                  – Blessing spell
– Protection spell                           – Psychic spell
– Spiritual cleansing spell            – Beauty spell
– Healing spell
– Carrier and job spell


Witchcraft And Spell Casting.

The world of witchcraft and magic let me say this that it’s not the one we see in movies and cinemas or on televisions said earlier. If you dint have any idea about witchcraft and magic I know by now you are having questions within your mind. It is not all the stage performances of disappearing of stuff and appearing in different locations.

To every practioner knows that witchcraft and magic are more of people opening their minds and inner being to the divine power. This is where all witches get their power from thus making spell casting more powerful. This positive energy and power flow from the spell caster to the sacred guided by the nature of energy.
NB; Nature plays a very important role in witchcraft. Its the nature that harnesses the energy in the process of casting a spell. Let’s see below some of the items used when casting spells.
– Crystals                               – Planets                                   – How to cast a spell
– Astrology                            – Divination
– Incense                               – Numerology
– Oils                                      – Witchcraft tools
– Tarot                                   – The moon and magic


Principles Of Witchcraft.

As stated earlier, the belief in witchcraft and magic has been around for decades and centuries. Witches like those of the Wiccan faith can never cast a spell to harm another fellow which is against and stands as a general basic principle of the religion. True a spell can be cast and the purpose is fulfilled as to why is being cast so long as the motives are pure and not evil.

And as a matter of fact, no true practioner will help you cast a spell if your heart is evil directed or motivated. There must be a rhythm, connection between the witch and the divine power that dwell around them and it is for this reason that the ritual is effective.
NB; But let’s also know that this doesn’t mean that evil wise a witch cant harm you, they can. As a coin has two faces and so is this power of divinity.


How To Effect The Power Of Witchcraft.

As a practioner and any other faith, believing is the ultimate key instrument factor to miracles. There is a need to believe in magic if you want a spell to work and manifest its self into reality. Casting a spell without belief cant take you anywhere.
In addition, you can perform a ritual to boost or improve your carrier, marriage affairs, financial levels, love life, health status, etc. Still, this doesn’t mean life has now gotten better and you seat down and relax.

T here is a need to continue working on the ritual.
This will help you channel the spell in the right course and direction. Let’s take a look at this if your ex-lover left and you want them to come you too you have the initiative to take part in the process either by revising examining yourself. Most times it might be your character that might have led to the breakup.


 Love Spells And Magic.

A hardened heart can be softened by a spell, solve relationship issues, marriage problems, and even bring back lost love again. Spells really can improve our lives in many different ways. There is nothing evil in casting a love spell if the motive is pure and right. The magic done will enhance love and harmony in our lives. It is true that our motives always determine whether our actions are good or harmful to others. But i want to assure you that my love spells are designed to cleanse, open, give you natural guidance of love, and to remove hexes that might be hindering you to attain the true love you are seeking for. Take a look at these kinds of spells and see the one you are in need of.

– Faithfulness spell                             – True love spell
– Return a lost love spell                    – Break up spell
– Attraction spell                                  – Remove problem spell
– commitment spell
– Lust spell

These spells when cast seta the universal flow of love effortlessly. It’s a wonderful experience to venture trust me for both you and your partner if a spell is cast in the right way with a pure motive. Arise to the magic world and begin your journey on the path of happiness filled with love.


Rules Of Witchcraft And Wicca.

Have it in mind that there are rules that govern practitioners. These rules are observed when casting spells and among them, there is the law of THREEFOLD. This states that anything you wish for will come back to you three times stronger. This rule is observed more by witches plus also being applicable to the Wiccan belief. Some other paths such as voodoo, Egyptian witchcraft, Santeria, Obeah may have a different view and traditional approach on how to use magic and directing its energy.

– Obeah                                  – Witchcraft
Egyptian magic                  – Magic
– Moon magic                        – White magic
– Santeria                                – Black magic
– Wicca                                    – Voodoo

These rituals have impacted positively people’s lives for centuries. It is good to have knowledge about witchcraft, magic even when working with a caster. There is a lot to know when, how to choose the right time, items, and different forms of magic.
The desires and emotions of a person are what make a ritual effective. A spell is channeled in the right direction by natural elements and this magic practice is the best known as benevolent magic. Here also the practitioner takes full responsibility for his or her actions in order to be successful at creating the magic.

Rituals are performed mainly to direct the thoughts and desires of the witch in the form of positive energy. The ancient wisdom and power are the core source where withes through powerful meditation and the use of items, ingredients such as essential crystals, candles, oils, charms, and the moon draw the power. The positive energies induce the power to direct the course of the spell.
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